Monday, October 17, 2005

This is a character I created for my comic book, no title yet. It's about a twin brothers, Keil and Kohan, brought up by two different forces... the good and the evil. But at the end there should only be one destined to rule their world. Keil was raised by a clan of wizards in the deep hidden forest of Zorack. While the other brother Kohan grew up with the evil forces headed by the Lord Serpent Dragon Steel in the kingdom they conquered. A lot is happening in my head... wars, envy, hatred, revenge, love and journey. It's an epic adventure lurking in my head, so far for now.

“Faces of Good and Evil”
The characters of the twin brothers are much in contrast, but they have the same blood and both of them has a little of something bad and good deep within them. And they both have one love interest in the story... Princess Ezel daughter of a powerful Queen Yara.
“Mag Syota”

It's funny sometimes how a single scene can make up stories. Why the girl has a knife? Now make up a story.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

“Lessons in the Art of War“

Intro page for Saif Bin Dha Yazen _ Book 4

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tunong Enkanto
Each night before I embark into the world of dreams, it's been a habbit to do little sketches in my bed and usaually ended up into a drawing. Can't help myself unless I reach a desirable stop. Somehow this is my ticket into my dreams.